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has released her new track, 'Helena', for streaming on Soundcloud. It'll be available to buy from 25th March...

Scarlette’s new single ‘Helena’ will be release on March 25th.

Gone is the ‘Fever’ from her name as she kicks off the year with new songs, new shoes, and a new passion for life. Her last album launched her career with two Radio 2 playlisted singles ‘Crash and Burn’ and ‘Elated’. Since then she’s sold out the Borderline and St Pancras Church, toured the US, and played festivals around Europe.

Scarlette’s defiantly outlandish new record Attack Of The 6 Ft Woman was recorded in Los Angeles, Maida Vale and Crouch End with producer Paul Simm and composer/arranger Tolga Kashiff and features, amongst others, Davey Faragher (Elvis Costello, Sheryl Crow) on bass and Pete Thomas (Elvis Costello, Arctic Monkeys, Squeeze, Lucinda Williams) on drums. The title track itself is actually not about Scarlette at all – even though she’s almost certainly 6 feet tall: instead it’s about “drugs and addiction, affairs, lies and manipulation, the undercurrents of our world that people don’t want to admit to but love to gossip about” and you get the feeling that this exceptionally gifted woman is writing about an alter ego – Dorian Grey masquerading as Kate Bush? – that she’s all too familiar with. The 6 Ft Woman, you see, is Scarlette’s sinister shadow and her “own worst enemy” and this self-exploratory and somewhat tantalising paradox is just one of many that you’ll find when you listen to one of Scarlette’s songs. Alternative and yet mainstream, epic and yet obsessed with the microscopic, Scarlette is about as close to an emo torch pop singer, songwriter and musician that you’re ever likely to meet. And Attack Of The 6 Ft Woman is the sound of someone hitting the ground running.

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