Field Music - Commontime

It’s arty. It’s electronic. It’s laced with powerful drum, bass and guitar. It’s got smashing lyrics and harmonies. It’s Field Music. And it’s their new album Commontime. Oozing with a Futureheads sound and definite Talking Heads and XTC influences, it's well-stocked at 14 tracks, each meticulously crafted and bound tight as. After heading off independently to work on solo projects for the past four years, Sunderland born brothers Peter and David Brewis found themselves drawn back to the studio to experiment with their unique sound. They're certainly not obeying trends - this is Field Music sticking to what they do best. And the resulting fourteen tracks kick ass. Mostly.

The album grabs you straight away. 'Noisy Days Are Over' has a beautiful rolling, anthemic feel, enticing you to climb aboard and enjoy the ride. It's a track that's a sure bet to be on many a best of 2016 selection, its brass section gives it oopmh, ensuring pub and club hit status. And it's here that the theme of growing up that runs through the album is introduced: "The noisy days are over, and here we are instead / So why don’t you get to bed like everybody else / The noisy days are over, and here we are instead / Why don’t you grow old like everybody else"

'Disappointed follows suit; the boys have found their formula and they're sticking to it. A few weird chord changes throughout carry the scent of Bowie, while the album moves along on a wave of slinky rhythm guitars. Engaging drum loops, ultra-funky grooves, more brass, and some cello carry us through to a gorgeous closing track in 'Stay Awake'; though that's preceded by an average final third. Still, Commontime proves Field Music remain top of their game.


Artful and beautiful.


out of 10

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