The Fix List: Sauropod

Norway's finest melodic indie-punk band Sauropod have just released their debut album through Norwegian indie label Riot Factory. To celebrate we ask the band to put together their favourite ten tracks. And so Kamilla, Jonas & Jørgen did.

The Coup - '5 Million Ways to Kill a CEO'

Great song, AWESOME music video on Youtube if you're interested. Also check out their latest album Sorry To Bother You for some crazy punk/hip-hop/disco blended stuff!

Cloroform - 'The Entertainment Industry'

This is a Norwegian trio, and this album is from 2005. Flabbergasting if you're into tight, tight drums. And strange synth-hooks. They have humor, and that makes wonderful music sometimes.

Savant - 'Alchemist'

Ok, this is the third time we mention this guy in these list-things we're making. And from the same album. But it's great! Savant is a Norwegian producer and DJ, with a seemingly endless catalogue. Can't really think of anything else to say, give it a try!

Eagles of Death Metal - 'I Only Want You'

The magic of repetition… Love EODM when they're as quirky as this!

Tom Waits - 'Jockey Full of Bourbon'

Samba rhythm mixed with gypsy tones? Hell yeah.

Morphine - 'Have A Lucky Day'

Fantastic songs, and grooves, and sounds. A lot of stuff missing from Spotify, including my two favorite records, "Like Swimming" and "The Night". They are on Youtube though, and worth a listen or nine. This one will do for starters!

The Shocking Blue - 'Love Buzz'

A song first introduced to us through Nirvana, who's got a cover version on their first album. Very cool song!

Pixies - 'Rock Music'

From the very weird Pixies record "Bossanova". Because a bit of noise every day is good for you.

The Beatles - 'Wild Honey Pie'

I was going to post the Pixies version of this, which you should look up on Youtube, cause it's not on Spotify! Otherwise I wouldn't bother to point out The Beatles to British people, seems kinda elaborate… The original is good fun too of course!

Queens of the Stone Age - 'Long Slow Goodbye'

A very nice anti-ballad; it's mellow and yet they're beating the shit out of their instruments as always. Nice!

You can buy roaring at the storm right now from all good online retailers, and some offline. Or stream the album below.

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