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After our raging successes in the past (Ed - are you sure?) we don't go in for tipping new acts for a new year. If we did though, Paves would be right at the top of that list for 2016 with their blues-flecked rock. In prep for a big twelve months for the band we asked Luke, Mike, Perry and Tom to list the ten tracks that rock their world.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre – 'Stars'

The honesty with which Anton Newcombe describes emotions has always fascinated me. On this stripped-back track we see the pure feelings that he is experiencing when it comes to the love he is feeling for a woman. It is dangerous, passionate and incredibly intense. ‘Thank God For Mental Illness’ as an album deals with the absurd notion of the limits of love.

The Rolling Stones – 'Loving Cup'

If you ever immerse yourself into a song so much as to picture the band playing all around you, in a recording studio, The Stones provide an incredible moment to do just that. This track represents all the best emotional spills that poor out of ’Exile On Main Street’

King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard – 'Float Along – Fill Your Lungs'

These guys know how to make psychedelic music that swells and shrinks and takes you on a journey. They understand working towards the song its self, and do it incredibly well, creating such a thick, all-encompassing wave of sound.

The Black Keys – 'Too Afraid To Love You'

This tune sees the band in its finest form, it also shows their progression from a primarily blues band to a more mainstream outfit whilst still keeping their roots flowing through the music. The production on the track takes the ‘vintage’ sound that they have to a different place, and state of mind.

Joe Bonamassa - 'Sloe Gin'

This song captures the perfect blend of emotive songwriting mixed with the raw rock tone of Joe's more modern take on blues music. It builds in just the right places, too.

Down - 'Stone The Crow'

One of Phil Anselmo's, of Pantera, other bands. A perfect bringing together of the harder side of rock yet still blatantly parading it's swampy blues roots goodness. Super jammy, driving music. 

Charles Manson – 'Arkansas'

Who else but good old Charlie doing a country number, before all hell broke loose. Interesting fact: The Brian Jonestown Massacre revisited this song and changed the lyrics to add a slightly more violent, slightly more characteristic of Charles Manson, intent.

John Mayall - 'One Life To Live'

A beautiful blues track. The mixing is incredible too, with a snappy snare and gorgeous reverb-focused driving guitar tone. John's vocals tell the story whilst the lead guitar paints the picture. A song that makes you want to play air-guitar is a great one, and this is just that.

Hanoi Rocks - 'Underwater World'

A seriously underrated band. I love everything about this song, the bass line in the intro, the dueling rhythm guitars, the vocal delivery and that quirky solo. True underground kings.

Lynyrd Skynyrd - 'Workin' For MCA'

An upbeat feel good song from southern rock titans. Allen Collins is one of my favourite guitarists, it's a shame he had such a short and tragic life...

And now for the playlist. If you want to find out more about Paves then check out their Facebook page for all the news.

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