Skunk Anansie - Anarchytecture

The release of their sixth studio album sees the Britrockers combining their trademark rock sound and developing on the electro vibe touched on in their last release – 2012’s Black Traffic. With production duties from Tom Daigety (bringing his flair demonstrated on Royal Blood’s debut release), Anarchytecture mutates into an expansive sounding record, taking the group’s Black Sabbath influenced riffs and making them even dirtier. As well as those meaty riffs lead singer Skin’s vocals are still as recognisable as they were when the band leapt into the public eye twenty years ago with Weak.

While this release retains these traits, there are flourishes of electronic beats sprinkled through the record bringing to mind a cleaner version of Mezzanine-era Massive Attack (especially on track ‘Victim’). Highlight tracks from the album include album opener (and first single) ‘Love Someone Else’, ‘Bullets’ – reminding you of Elbow’s ‘Grounds For Divorce’ after a heavy night at a student union indie-rock night circa 2001 - and ‘That Sinking Feeling’ with it’s tub thumping drums and fuzzy guitar attack. Where the record falls shorts are with its two ballads: ‘Death To The Lovers’ and ‘I’ll Let You Down’. These aren’t awful tracks but feel out of place on the overall feel of Anarchytecture and more in keeping with Skin’s solo work. With this release Skunk Anansie aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel. And while it lacks the fire of their earlier career at no point does it feel like a group riding on the coat-tails of their mid 90's success in an effort to cynically milk their earlier successes.


5/10 Anarchy with a small a


out of 10

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