Sauropod - Roaring At The Storm

Norweigan three-piece Sauropod promise fiery sonic outbursts melding punk and indie rock and it's a promise they live up to on their debut album, Roaring at the Storm. Based in Oslo, bandmates Jonas Røyeng (guitar/vocals), Kamilla Waal Larsen (bass/vocals) and Jørgen Natland Apeness (drums) have gained a big following in that city’s music scene, probably the most exciting in Scandanavia. Sgned to local record label Riot Factory; they join some of the most promising up-and-coming indie acts in Norway, including Gold Celeste and Drape on its books.

Their album is a balance between sweetness and aggression; a forceful energy combined with a sense of bounciness. Sometimes, they’re both on the same track; first single ‘Winter Song’ has a force that takes you completely by surprise, and sounds like a cross between the spirited punk of Ash and the grungy grit of Nirvana. While on ‘Headphones’, there’s a playfulness in Larsen’s voice (sounding like Bjork minus the vocal gymnastics), before she's eventually consumed by the sheer punky force of the chaos behind her. Both are standout tracks. They can go heavy as well; ‘Fugue’ features some heavy metal-style throatiness from Røyeng combined with a fiery guitar riff, and almost seems out of place on the album, so devoid is it of the saccharine edge that is present on pretty much every other track. From then, the album changes tack; ‘Edge of a Cloud’ sounds like a Foxy Shazam track, with an overblown, theatrical heaviness, and ‘On The Hill’ shows their emotional side. It’s certainly an interesting listen, and while it’s not perfect, there’s not a bad track on it. A very promising debut.


A funky, punky, Scandinavian debut.


out of 10

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