Breakfast MUFF - Rainbow Yawn

The second release from the Glaswegian three-piece trash punkers lands with a crash in the form of a seven track, twelve minute, gut-punch; like a confetti bomb going off at London's 100 Club circa 1978. Taking its cue from the art-house punk aesthetic (it's released as a download and on tape) and seemingly foregoing any swooning five minute ballads, the longest track clocks in at two minutes twenty-five seconds. However, it's not without melody,and skilfully blends the glam punk of New York Dolls with the melodic tones of Orange Juice.

Band members Cal, Eilidh and Simone swap instruments and singing duties throughout the EP, after hammering it out in a two day recording stint. It evokes a wide range of different influences within it’s restricted run time. Kicking off with the maniacal ‘Satan’ (coming across as My Bloody Valentine fronted by Iggy Pop), album highlights include ‘Not Down To Fuck’, ‘Tired Trying’, and ‘Yr Guts’. Steeped with influences from the humour laden punk of The Cramps and the angular phaser soaked guitar work of post-punk groups like The Slits and early Siouxsie and the Banshees. ‘Want 2 Want’, however, seems like it’s beamed in from another album, a softer ballad in tone if not lyrically (“I want to want to fuck you”), and a cross between The Moldy Peaches and Laura Marling. It’s not a bad track by any stretch of the imagination, but is out of place on an EP that doesn't take itself too seriously.


A rainbow of influences


out of 10

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