Various - The Album 6

Is there a sense of staleness hanging over guitar music at the moment? Listening to the latest volume of The Album, that is the impression one is left with. Coldplay, Athlete and Turin Brakes continue to inflict boredom upon the world, Franz Ferdinand return with Do You Want To, surely one of the most irritating songs of the year, and Pete Docherty tries to fuel his own myth while impersonating Morrissey (Babyshambles' F**k Forever). Mind you, the real thing (here with The First of the Gang to Die) isn't much better these days. After the initial hype died down, the return of The Smiths' frontman was distinctly underwhelming. Likewise, The Tears' Refugees falls well short of classic Suede, and the less said about Paul McCartney's Fine Line, the better.

It's not all so bad. The Magic Numbers may not be strikingly original, but Love Me Like You is representative of their ability to write a memorable tune. Kasabian and Editors provide an injection of energy, and Radiohead and Blur a couple of fine oldies (although it's hard to believe there's a person who doesn't already own a copy of Song 2 and Fake Plastic Trees). However, it's when the guitars are laid down that The Album 6 is at its best. Gorillaz' Dare, Goldfrapp's Ooh La La and Röyksopp's Only This Moment all make for superior electronic pop music.



out of 10

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