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Death Cab For Cutie - Soul Meets Body Video

Death Cab For Cutie release their new single 'Soul Meets Body' this coming Monday 17th October through Atlantic Records.

‘Soul Meets Body’ will be available on 7” only and includes the song ‘Jealousy Rides With Me’, it is the first single to be taken from their new album ‘Plans’, released last week.

To view the video for 'Soul Meets Body', click on either of the following Real Player links:

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‘Plans’ is the Seattle quartets fifth album, recorded over 28 wintry days in early 2005 at Longview Studios, housed in a converted barn in Massachusetts. Chris Walla was the album's producer.

Death Cab for Cutie formed in the mid ‘90s in the tiny college town of Bellingham, Washington when ace engineering student and committed indierocker Ben Gibbard turned a freshly broken heart into nine songs he wasn’t embarrassed to share with someone else. He quickly hooked up with fledgling four-track producer (and fellow Teenage Fanclub fan) Chris Walla and bassist Nick Harmer, the most amiable (and comic-book obsessed) musician on campus. Christened Death Cab for Cutie (referencing a ‘60s song by Monty Python associates the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band) the band released a cassette called You Can Play These Songs with Chords. This led to a Seattle-area buzz which in turn led to a record deal with burgeoning area indie Barsuk. After a series of albums and tours each more successful than the last the three primary members of DCFC looked around and realised this wasn’t a college extracurricular anymore, this was life.

In 2001 the band took a break, Ben spent some time on his sideproject The Postal Service and released an album ‘Give Up’ (selling 600,000 in the US) to critical acclaim but there was never any doubt as to where Ben’s priorities were. Refreshed and renewed by their time apart - and inspired by the recruitment of ace new drummer Jason McGerr - Death Cab produced their most complete and mature work in 2003, the stunning Transatlanticism.

“Plans is very much a brother or a sister to Transatlanticism. Despite the title, we never sat down to plan it, it just came out - fully formed - from the momentum of our last two years” says Harmer, but it’s drummer McGerr who perhaps sums it up best: “If Transatlanticism was an inhale, ‘Plans’ is the exhale.”

‘Plans’ is a shockingly beautiful and mature album from a group that itself is still maturing. Death Cab for Cutie is that rare band that aren’t afraid to tackle the big thought, to wrestle with the complex, never black and white realities of human interaction. From its soaring beginning to its somber end, ‘Plans’ is the sound of growing up, of gaining friends and losing them, of realising, perhaps for the first time, the weight and consequences of every decision we make, of every heart we touch. It is an album about growing old that can grow old with us.
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