Lanterns On The Lake - Beings

The third album from Newcastle four piece Lanterns On The Lake sees the group expanding on their atmospheric rock sound, and going down a darker road.

As with previous albums, the album blends soaring symphonies, folk and electronica with singer Hazel Wilde’s voice swinging from fragile beauty to world-weary bitterness. Beings continues this journey. Starting with the glitchy military march of album opener 'Of Dust & Matter' spitting out the line “With a drink in my hand, and a song in my heart and I didn’t want for more / And last night I passed out on the kitchen floor” made to sound like the coming apocalypse as it builds to its crescendo before ending on a hushed outro. This follows into the Elbow-esque track 'I’ll Stall Them' with one of the standout lyrics from the album “This city is a dog fight / Late night at the weekend”. Other highlights include 'The Crawl', 'Through The Cellar Door' and 'Stuck for an Outline'. The overall style strikes a very similar chord to PJ Harvey’s Let England Shake, with lyrical sentiment and feel mirrored, albeit with more of an electronic tinge. At times, with its urgency it also harkens to Neon Bible- era Arcade Fire.

The album as a whole is…. good. Sublime in places, good at others, there is no duff track on the album but as a whole it doesn’t quite have the sense of urgency to keep interest though sustained listens. After a couple of listens you're likely to find yourself skipping to the better tracks rather than listening to the album as whole; but that's music in 2015 right? In summary then: the highs are very high, the lows so-so.


These Lanterns aren’t going to set the lake on fire, but there are some illuminating moments.


out of 10

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