The Virgance - Paradigm 3

Staying with what he knows best, The Virgance (aka Nathan Smith) moulds his trademark swirling guitar into a thunderstorm of synths and intimate drum foundations. After 2014’s Lost Continent and this year’s Hiko Shrine, there's heavy expectation for Smith to move his sound forward into unexplored realms of shoegaze and ambient. Paradigm 3 begins with the sound of a musical thunderstorm; swirling you about like you’re sleep deprived and stumbling through the musical cosmos.

As you power through the chaos strewn from the speakers, you wonder into the heart of the cyclone where disruption is replaced by concrete euphony on ‘Saturnine’. Then comes the ghostly calm as you wonder through the devastating demolition of your ears, almost forlorn as you leave behind this intoxicating world. As you continue on your voyage back into reality through ‘No Return’, you feel like you’ve been returned to Earth from being spun in the intense and delusional music typhoon.

Paradigm 3 should bring a new wave of shoegaze fans, ones with more time to develop their intimate thoughts of their chaotic life. It takes the perfect amount of ambient and rock; spun into a world of special effects and even swooping for elements from old psychedelic rock.


A new brand of shoegaze emerges.


out of 10

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