The Fix List: Gold Celeste - Remixed & extended edition

Oslo-based trio of Gold Celeste are the latest to choose a playlist for your aural delight. Shoe-gaze-y psych-pop is their thing and Simen Hallset, Petter Andersen and Eirik Fidjeland select the tracks that represent all that have influenced their musical journey. Their debut album, The Glow is out now, and we've added their latest single to the end of the playlist.

Curtis Mayfield - 'The Makings Of You'

"We love Curtis' guitar style; his guitar fills and melodies complement the rest of his band perfectly. This goes for both the original studio recording from Curtis’ debut album, and the much more simplistic live-version from Curtis Live 1971. If this humble and heartfelt enlightening of hope and love doesn’t put you at ease, you should really go deep inside of yourself and unclench whatever’s gotten stuck in there."

Dirty Projectors - 'Maybe That Was It'

"There's a beautiful chaos and cool guitar style to this track. The interplay is the kind you don't get a lot of these days (thanks to click tracks and a snap-to-grid-mentality). Every element is working together to create an unique and unsettling vibe."

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - 'Satellite'

"In addition to perfect out-of-tune guitars, this track is just a great old school rock tune played with the sloppy energy only The Brian Jonestown Massacre can deliver."

Broadcast - 'Man Is Not Bird'

"Featuring amazing drum/percussion work, a perfectly flimsy organ, the bass with its wooden thump keeping the pocket, and the calmly dizzy but angelic voice of Trish Keenan. A real simple arrangement, with each instrument having to work overtime and weekends, steadily building the suspense like only real musicians can. By the way, that spring reverb on the drums, and those exhaling echo-breaks, just makes so much sense."

Serena-Maneesh - 'Candlelighted'

"This Norwegian band has been a huge inspiration since we were 15 years old and are easily one of our biggest Norwegian inspirations. One of the most beautifully noisy, strangely complex and otherworldly two minute straight forward pop songs ever made."

King Geedorah - 'Krazy World'

"Sampling old records is a well known tool for Hip Hop producers, but very few master it like King Geedorah, better known as MF DOOM (an MC well known for his co-ops with Madlib and DangerMouse) To all those masters of crate digging and sample chopping; thank you for all the thousands of hours spent to strike gold for us to indulge and add to our repertoire.
Perfectly laggy and improvised drum-track, beautiful chop, nonchalant attitude, a perfect mix of contrasts."

Musette - 'Wuzak'

"Swedish lofi God! Cassette, cassette, cassette. This tune displays the beauty of composing with both melodies, rhythm, and sound itself as equal parts."

Dungen - 'Sätt at se'

"Great drum inspiration and a glorious composition. The production is also extraordinary with every sound gently fighting for air while simultaneously sounding spacious and calm."

David Axelrod - 'Warning Talk, Part One'

"Though its barely three minutes, and the first 30 seconds are perhaps overly dramatic and creepy, this one has some seriously inventive bass and drumming going on beneath the beautifully withholding orchestra of flutes, trumpets, a swirly vibraphone and a dark piano. Joined with the perfectly modest strum of some interplaying acoustic guitars, and the whole thing letting go towards the end as the sixteenths gently skip on… right on! Another gem of an arrangement."

Krzystof Penderecki, Jonny Greenwood - 'Superhet Popcorn Receiver'

"We love Radiohead, and we did know Johnny Greenwood is an outstanding composer and musician, but his scores and orchestral/classical compositions really caught us by surprise with movies like There Will Be Blood and The Master. But the Krzysztof Penderecki-inspired Popcorn Superhet Receiver is truly off the hook mind boggling melancholy with its disturbing, yet beautifully dissonant trills and hold-your-breath sweeps pulling you back and forth. We’ve been forever touched by his musics cinematic properties."

The band updated their playlist and gave a bunch more background on their choices so this feature was updated on 15th November 2015.

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