Kurt Vile - b'lieve i'm goin down...

Considering the swathe of styles that Kurt Vile has dipped into across his five albums to date, it seems to have been peculiarly easy for him to be pigeon-holed as a slacker rocker; receiving all the negative connotations that the word “slacker” brings. That the former War On Drugs man delivers his sixth record with such variety of sound only brings to light the injustices of the tag(s) he’s been given. b'lieve i'm goin down… is a masterful mix of the genres and lessons of his last few years.

The laconic vocal syle and Vile’s long haired layabout look belie the album's sense of purpose; the sheer amount of lyrics, aligned to the pace of the beat on opening track 'Pretty Pimpin' doesn’t allow for any relaxation his part. Then there’s the attention to detail that’s paid to 'Lost My Head There' with its dizzying array of sounds, from electronic flares (that sound like bird tweets) through lackadaisical piano and drum beats. And from the banjo picking of 'I'm An Outlaw' to the mellow groove of 'Dust Bunnies' and acoustic simplicity of 'Stand Inside', Vile’s search through sounds and genres pays off big time. b'lieve i’m going down… is genre busting stuff; the best album of his career.


Career high from label defying rocker.


out of 10

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