The School - Wasting Away and Wondering

They may have grown in number since the last time we saw them with 2012's Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything but The School are still the wonderful indie-pop band we fell in love with. Simple melodies and jaunty tunes give Wasting Away and Wondering the perfect summer feel, which given we're now firmly heading into the dark autumnal months is a very good thing.

Trimmed of all excess, this is as pure as pop gets; sixties-influenced with nods to Motown and soul but still as fresh as music can be. Its hard to find fault in something that so happily flips from strings and horns to fun-yet-stomping beats and back again. Kudos to Liz Hunt for sticking true and not being tempted to try experiment too much for the sake of it as we've missed this kind of non-ironic joy.

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We've long been fans of The School and this album does nothing to dull our enthusiasm


out of 10

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