Diefenbach - Set & Drift

Diefenbach may be from Denmark, but hanging low like smog over their third album Set & Drift is a sort of Mancunian spirit. The Police and Streetlights sound like Doves in reflective mode, stripped down yet rich in ambience. Glorious and Favourite Friend are reminiscent of New Order, driving rock tracks with just the right mix of electronics and buzzy guitar. Oh, the vocals on the former also have an Ian Brown swagger.

There's a weariness here which is never allowed to slip into depressing. "If she takes what she wants and if it is not me/ Then she sets me free," is a sample lyric from The Right One. However, the less said about the words "I'm a tomato" (from Bruising My Eyes), the better, even if, combined with "Look at the vultures", it could be an attempt at Radiohead-style surrealism.

Set & Drift definitely has the feel of a band who are now aiming for the big time. The production has a bruising confidence and polish (particularly with regard to the guitars), although, as with the aforementioned New Order, there is sometimes the feeling that there's not much underneath. Still, at least half of this album falls under the category of perfect "indie" pop, and in a just world would see Diefenbach claim four hit singles.



out of 10

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