Campfire Tales: Five minutes with Sarah Gayle Meech

After delivering March’s excellent Tennessee Love Song, Washington State born Sarah Gayle Meech is riding something of a critical wave. Joining the recent revival of traditional/outlaw/country musicians Sarah Gayle took a minute out of her touring schedule to answer a few of our questions.

Please introduce yourself to The Music Fix readers!

Hello! I’m Sarah Gayle Meech, an independent artist living in Nashville! I’ve just released my 2nd album Tennessee Love Song.

Can you tell us a bit about the writing on the record?

I wrote all 15 songs on the album, co-produced and self released it. The songs are all inspired by my last five years in Nashville.

You can’t buy it easily in the UK but one of the things I love in the US is root beer - Barq’s is my choice. What can you tell us about one of the best songs of the year, ‘Watermelon and Root Beer’?

Thank you! ‘Watermelon and Root Beer’ was penned on my back porch on a summer night in Tennessee. I wanted to capture the sounds of the summer night and the essence of season.

How have you found the reaction to your new record?

The new album is doing well - it’s gaining speed all the time. I’m very happy!

Is there anything specific that you’ve been listening to that influences the record?

Yes, many things - everything from Aretha Franklin to Eddie Rabbitt.

Which song are you most pleased with? And why?

My current favorite song is the title track ‘Tennessee Love Song’. It means a lot to me personally, and it’s so fun to bring it to life playing it live with my band.

It seems that country music is having a little civil war at the moment, with traditional and chart music diverging somewhat. Do you find that is having an impact in Nashville itself?

Maybe. Peple are more aware that they are being fed garbage via the radio. Kind of like realizing that McDonald’s is toxic, but people still eat it anyways. People are becoming more aware and looking for something different. They’re seeking real music and artists that aren’t processed and void of content - ha!

What’s your best Nashville story?

Playing for 4 hours a night you experience so many highs and lows, meet 1,000’s of people, play 1,000’s of songs and walk out with a few bucks. Yeah, there are many stories. It just depends on how long ya got.

What’s the reality of being an independent artist these days?

Being independent is amazing and overwhelming all at once. Nothing happens unless you make it happen, but when you do it’s dynamo-hum and then some! If you’re not in it to work hard, sacrifice, and be completely ecstatic one day and utterly depressed the next then find another occupation. The highs and lows are tremendous, but worth every fucking minute.

And how was your experience of crowd funding? Would you do it again? (Sarah Gayle used Kisktarter to fund the record)

Yes, I would! Kickstarter helped release my album when no label would. I am happy Kickstarter exists and would recommend it to any artist independent or not.

Any plans to visit the UK anytime soon?

Oh yes! Touring the UK for the first time in mid July. See my website for all tour dates!

Finally, how do you like your coffee?

Strong, hot, a splash of cream, and a dash of sugar. I’m obsessed with organic dark French roast Allegro! Stump Town also!

You can buy Tennessee Love Songs now from all good merchants.

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