Wolf Alice - My Love Is Cool

So this is the modern way: months of teasing, anticipation, the drip feed of new music. Then, finally, the debut album. London four piece Wolf Alice have finally arrived. Thankfully, it's worth the near two year wait from their first single. In a decade where British guitar bands have, on the whole, largely disappointed, My Love Is Cool is the kick to the holies that genre needed. How? Well, it comes down to the swagger, the lyrics, the propulsive rhythms that form its spine (take a listen to ‘Bros’). This is a band utterly focused. And any act that can deliver songs as shimmeringly brilliant as ‘Your Loves Whore’ clearly has attitude in spades.

Unlike some of their contemporaries, Wolf Alice are not content to take their cues from just one place; they touch on everything from grunge to folk to pop, and even throw in a bit of post dubstep just because they can. Led by the inarguable qualities of frontwoman Ellie Roswell's voice, these guys are a band in the truest sense - ‘You’re A Germ’ and ‘Lisbon’ showcase the cacophony of guitars and drums that is their stock in trade but it's the sense of control, of the foursome knowing themselves, that is impressive for a debut. That confidence is displayed by the restrained couplet of ‘Silk’ and ‘Freazy’, putting the melody front and centre, and by following the mega-riffing ‘Giant Peach’ with the (mostly) stripped back acoustic-ness of ‘Swallowtail’. Three years in the making, and after a swathe of disappointments from other much-touted acts, this is the album that shows exactly how to nail it. Everyone else should be taking notes.


They huffed and they puffed and they've only gone and blown the doors off.


out of 10

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