The Prodigy - Cardiff

Six years after their last visit to Cardiff, Britain’s foremost electronic dance act returned for some weekend madness in the Welsh capital. The sense of anticipation was high from the beginning, with thousands pouring through the doors as KillSonik performed warm up duties, failing to get much feedback from a crowd clearly here for the main event.

As far as statements of intent go, it's hard to top ‘Breathe’ as an opener and the security simply give up trying to maintain order. Chief childcatcher Keith Flint’s cries of "Come play my game" still have all the menace that they did 18 years ago (can it really be so long?) but there’s not too much time to dwell on the past, as recent single ‘Nasty’ and ‘Invaders Must Die’ show the group are coping with middle age just fine.

The 90 minute set that followed showcased their glittering career: classics like ‘Spitfire’ and ‘Omen’ are played back to back while newer tracks such as 'AWOL' and ‘Dogbite’ drop out the skies, with no obvious dilution of momentum. The Prodigy, more than just about any other act, continue to stride the electro/rock markets and the riot goin' on on the floor tonight is evidence of their continued cross-generational appeal.

They close with some politics (their anthemic reaction to the 1993 Criminal Justice Act ‘Their Law’) and the thrashing beats and metallic guitars of ‘Take Me To The Hospital’. If there are any casualties from this blistering assault, Cardiff's ambulance service will be working overtime tonight.

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