Le Tigre - This Island - Remixes

Alarm bells are ringing. It's the dreaded remix album, usually the last refuge of the creatively barren. The record company heads think they're the perfect 'between albums' stop-gap to keep the cash cow moo-ing; the kids think they're poo. And so electroclash Beastie Birds Le Tigre keep the suits smiling by handing over the reins to the likes of Peaches, Arthur Baker and Morel.

Bizarrely, only three - yes, THREE - tracks get the remix treatment here; of the album's eight tracks Nanny Nanny Boo Boo and After Dark both overhauled a nauseating minimum of three times each. Here the creative juices aren't so much dribbling dry as being flung out into the Sahara, with only sheep skin coat and balaclava for survival. The dearth of ingenuity is evident as the same concepts get served up over and over, producing the tortuous musical equivalent of the Japanese gameshow Endurance. Only the funk muscle-flexing of Junior Senior and the twilight shadows of Morel's Pink Noise Dub mix gift wrap the tedium with any inspiration.



out of 10

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