The Monochrome Set - Spaces Everywhere

Keeping themselves busy since they reformed in 2011, Spaces Everywhere is The Monochrome Set's third release in four years. 'Making up for lost time' might been a more apt title. Take a look back through the history of UK rock 'n roll and you'll find lots of 'Why were they not bigger?' comments, but this flurry of artistic work suggests they're far more interested in the here and now.

Spaces Everywhere is the sound of a band who know where they are. Eschewing their classic early 80s New Wave sound for the most part, only Bid's (just Bid) deadpan vocals (a la Hugh Cornwall) callback to their 'He's Frank' heyday, although opener 'Iceman' has some of that period edge. Instead, we find ourselves in a more MOR world, with hints of a Divine Comedy vibe - the perfect soundtrack for coffee and Sunday papers. As they ease into their later years they appear evermore happier to have an 'anything goes' attitude, from the smooth jazz of 'Rain Check' through to the slap-your-thigh sing-a-long of 'When I Get To Hollywood' ("You told him he was beautiful / His eyes were like two nuts upon a plate, and he smelled just like moss growing on a grate"). The days of 'Strange Boutique' are long gone, but their achingly loyal fan base are unlikely to be perturbed by their continuing evolution.


Evermore happier to have an 'anything goes' attitude.


out of 10

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