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Therapy? have a new record out. Disquiet, their first recording for Amazing Record Co., is eleven tracks of their trademark twist on punk and metal, a sonic menu that has served them well since their million-selling 1994 album Troublegum. Produced by Tom Dalgety (Royal Blood/Band of Skulls/Turbowolf) at Blast studios in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, vocalist/guitarist Andy Cairns says “We wanted to write something a bit more anthemic again. In May last year we did a 20th anniversary tour for the Troublegum album, and it was completely sold out, and it was great hearing those songs sung back at us, and seeing what they meant to people. The starting point for this album for me was thinking ‘What would the protagonist of Troublegum be doing twenty years on?’ Our last two albums [2009’s Crooked Timber and 2012’s A Brief Crack of Light] were more experimental and diverse, and we already knew that he wanted to go back to more ‘song’-based stuff this time around, so that conceptual idea dovetailed perfectly with what we planned in terms of the musical direction.”

To mark the new release, we caught up with bassist Michael McKeegan, not to talk about music, but food. That's how we (bread) roll in these parts.

What's the worst thing you've ever been presented with to eat on tour?

Maybe not the worst but possibly the oddest was a show in Italy mid-90’s where we found a live chicken in a small wooden crate in our dressing room. When the tour manager queried it the local promoters chap whipped out a copy of our rider and pointed to the bit where it said “cooked chicken”. Don’t think anyone ate any chicken for the rest of the tour.

Any special rider requests?

There’s nothing very wacky on our rider, the food and drink stuff is pretty straightforward but we have recently been asking for sushi which seems to be a healthier option than the usual mountains of bread and cheese. We do request socks and pants as well as a newspaper each day. You don’t get them everywhere but it’s always nice to get some clean underwear especially if there hasn’t been much time for laundry stops.

It's a Tuesday morning, 1.00am. What's your default motorway service station purchase?

We normally are very well fed and looked after at the venues so something small like a bag of Walkers prawn cocktail crisps, washed down with some cold beers.

Munchies! The fridge is empty! Big up the local takeaway or restaurant that saves the day!

The Viking Takeaway does the best fish and chips in Larne.

If your new album was a pizza, what would the toppings be?

Fiery peppers, goats cheese, anchovies, red onion and maybe some dates to add a little sweetness to all the heat.

Pepsi or Shirley?


We're coming round for a romantic (hopefully!) meal. What are you rustling up for us?

I think if you’re trying to impress someone you can’t go wrong with Mexican, suits all palates and has good veggie options. Eating it can be a bit messy as well so you can’t get too uptight, just have a laugh and enjoy some alcohol as well. I’d draw the line at wearing a comedy sombrero though.

What are the rest of the band like at cooking? What's their speciality?

When we recorded the last album we shared an apartment just beside the studio so everyone took it in turns to cook ‘proper’ sit down meals. That was great, not only was the food excellent, that little period of chilling out, chatting and eating was good for the overall mind-set.

Tom (Dalgety - producer) didn’t cook as he was busy but Andy was a revelation; he did a whole Greek style banquet from scratch one night which was amazing. Neil is kind’ve the king of late night super-charged treats - killer cheese on toast and he has a whole repertoire of Pot Noodle variations where he spices them up with all sorts of things.

It’s a dark art.

Favourite food related song?

Bone Gnawer - Cannibal Cookout

Disquiet is out now.

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