Purity Ring - Another Eternity

Canadian duo Purity Ring's second release, Another Entity, is yet another adventure into the world of electro pop, and while more Metric than Yazoo, there's a notion they fancy some of the hot chart action that's propelled Chvrches onto the magazine covers and into the mainstream. A shame then that despite the beautiful noise within, there's an absence of much that sticks around once the last notes fade into the ether.

If you ever need a soundtrack for a space documentary, be sure to give them a call, but the music always feels rather detached from the vocals. Megan James' vocal lines come across like an after-thought, written to fit Corin Roddick's instrumentals, rather than two people writing together to create a whole. With deep, almost dub-step bass lines anchoring the anthemic synth-lines, the Calvin Harris-style drops for the choruses should achieve lift off. But stripped down to just the bare songs, there's little to work with and no strong riffs or melodies. Recent singles 'Push Pull' and 'Bodyache' are perfectly pleasant but there's an obvious miss in anything comparable to darker moments like 'Ungirthed' and' Belispeak' that made debut Shrines so appealing.


Lacking the edges that made their debut so appealing.


out of 10

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