The Infadels - Roadhouse, Manchester

This was the fourth gig in a short tour to promote the single Jagger '67 which is released on 26 September, to be followed by an album, We Are Not The Infadels in October. If the album lives up to their live show, the Infadels will be making many new fans over the next few weeks.

The band have toured as a support for Faithless so they are used to larger audiences than the Roadhouse's and they managed to get the place buzzing. They are a tight band, with their songs driven by the bass and drums. There's also guitar and keyboards and assorted, aggressive percussion including an upturned dustbin and its lid. Their sound is hard to classify. It's fuzzy, there is some electronica, and some punk influences. Perhaps it is punk with a good sense of rhythm.

The band all throw themselves into the performance, but none more so than vocalist Bnann whose vigourous dancing/jumping threatened to bang his head on the ceiling above the small stage.

The only downside of the gig was its early finish: 9.20. The bar had closed, leaving the crowd slightly bewildered; revved up the band's energetic performance and obliged to go somewhere else to continue their grooving. A good way to start a Saturday night.

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