Superfood - Don't Say That

Another day and another band from Birmingham bringing back the 90s to our headphones and speakers. This time round its Superfood having a go at the funky, baggy sounds of twenty years ago. But rather than the photocopy approach that Peace and Swim Deep took in 2013, the Brum foursome create a collage out of Supergrass, Blur, Black Grape - in fact the best of the 90s. There’s certainly more thought and personality to their efforts than some of their contemporaries.

There really is a lot to like about Don’t Say That and for a debut it’s very focussed, helped no doubt by frontman Dom on production duties. Much like that other young band playing old music (Temples) it helps to have a singular vision and to be in control of every aspect of the process. The influences are writ large: ‘Lily For Your Pad To Rest on’ is all Black Grape, the vanity project ‘Superfood’ is a bouncy, Blur-ry delight. There’s a lightness of touch present too; ‘It’s Good To See You’ proving they don't take it all too seriously. Whilst it’s generally successful overall, the odd blip (‘Mood Bomb’ is a little light on entertainment, and ‘Melting’ too much of a pastiche) doesn't detract from the fact the material is strong enough to suppress any wider doubts. C'mon - tuck in!



out of 10

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