TransAtlantic - KaLIVEoscope

Of course there's another TransAtlantic live album. The band convenes so infrequently that it is virtually demanded that they capture it for posterity – each tour might well be the last after all. And so we have KaLIVEoscope, a three hour prog extravaganza filmed in Cologne where any song that will fit on a side of vinyl is merely an interlude. There is no escaping the fact that this is for the diehard fans only: anyone else will find the hugely overblown and grandiose posturing as nothing short of torturous.

For all their love of thirty minute epics, it is two of the short songs in ‘We All Need Some Light’ and ‘Black As The Sky’ that steal the show with their beauty, grace, and in the case of the latter, sheer ballsy explosiveness. I am annoyed all over again that they have merged ‘All Of The Above’ and ‘Stranger In Your Soul’ into one piece, especially with the bore-fest, even in an edited form, that is ‘The Whirlwind’ in there. And there is the crux: in KaLIVEoscope, TransAtlantic have brought out exactly the same emotions in me as when I saw them back in January – time for more air guitar!



out of 10

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