The Shout Out Louds - Howl Howl Gaff Gaff

Currently getting more live exposure than Paris Hilton’s navel, the Shout Out Louds have recently been seen with such luminaries as The Dears and the Kings of Leon and that, really, should give you a good idea of what to expect although this band of poppets are much, much better than the aforementioned bands and no mistake. Melodic pop-music with a tinge of indie-angst that should ensure they get a very good reception from a very particular sort of market. They’ll do very well should they ever manage to plug a single on the Jonathan Ross show.

Trouble with the album is, that it doesn’t really have much to recommend a purchase. Despite a strong opening with the ‘The Comeback’ which perhaps makes the mistake of cramming all their tricks into one number, the rest of the album falls slightly flat. ‘100%’, with its marvelously simple, almost childlike, hook slightly raises the temperature somewhat if a little too late. ‘There’s Nothing’ also manages to inspire interest – a good production and unpredictable song structure, not to mention the fact that it’s a good, solidly written song, guarantee this.

The frustrating thing about this album is that there is something here that bears attention. Some sort of spirit struggling to escape from the songs that doesn’t always quite manage to escape or even make itself felt. They could be great one day and there are certainly signs of greatness here, but this album is no classic. Worth a punt, certainly and if you don’t expect miracles from them, they are capable of at least performing just a little, tiny bit of magic.



out of 10

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