Singles of the Week - 13th October 2014

Now we're firmly entrenched in Autumn, the singles schedule looks as sparse as some of the trees around TDF Towers...

Sandie Shaw has returned with the topical collaboration with Davidge and the track 'Riot Pictures'. Its an interesting experiment that sounds closer to Davidge's Massive Attack roots than Sandie in her heyday. It may lack a killer hook but it does have something to say and its good to see Sandie is still surprising us.

On the other hand, Dublin's Gangs have given us something that is pretty middle of the road - the video is probably more interesting than the track and is worth a watch. It's the usual jangly guitar-driven indie but it's competent enough and a decent way to spend a few minutes. You probably won't feel the urge to return a second time though.

Slaves debut hints at an exciting punk resurgence. 'Hey' may not be the most original of sounds but it has an edge that has been lacking of late and we're keen to hear more. It's not SOTW calibre but it's given us some hope that their debut album will be well worth checking out.

We love Bears Den and their gorgeous 'Above the Clouds of Pompeii'. Backed by little more than a simple guitar, the track perfectly showcases Andrew Davie's vocals that hint at the rawness of a decent Idlewild but with a slight vulnerability. He's also doing a pretty good job of out-Mumfording Mumford and Sons. Check out the video - you won't be disappointed.

Beautiful for other reasons is 'Hazey' by Glass Animals - a track that takes laid back to another level. Hints of Morcheeba and Tricky elevate this above many of their current contemporaries and they even manage to throw in an oriental vibe. We like.

However, this week we're going to award Single of the Week to a young singer we've championed before who has released her first label-backed single. Emma Harrop has all the ingredients to make a decent impact - her voice is unique but strong and her self-penned single 'Desperation' is catchy with a few decent changes of tempo that prevent it from becoming stale. Good stuff and a sure sign that she's a real talent in the making.

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