Helen Love - Pogo Pogo EP

There are a handful of acts who seem to exist in their own bubble, utterly divorced from wider musical trends. Helen Love have been peddling their own brand of bubblegum for over 20 years now, their 'Ramones on a Casio' formula changed only by the occasional addition to their bedroom recording studio. Where once it was just fuzz guitars, cheap keyboards and an even cheaper drum machine, the Helen Love of 2014 has samples and effects that is as much multi-colour Eurovision pop extravaganza as it is DIY indie. G-ABBA, G-ABBA, hey! - if you will.

Lyrically, they've changed little, still caught on a post-pubescent rollercoaster of first dates soundtracked by garish coloured vinyl records. 1994's 'Punk Boy' re-emerges on 'Pogo Pogo', except this time he's "The first punk boy in Rome / And he plays bass guitar like Dee Dee Ramone", the backing exploding in a garish sonic cheese party. It's hard to believe they've not already written 'Julie's Got A New 7 Inch Single' ("Pink vinyl, such a lovely shade / There were only 500 made") but that predictability is part of the ongoing charm. With little sign they have any intent on mixing things up, this four track EP is as good an introduction as any for those yet to hop on board.



out of 10

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