Singles of the Week: 14th September 2014

Hold onto your hats! It's another singles round-up!

JAWS - Swim
This is quite impressive. A big, shimmering tune that makes one feel as if they're on some kind of mad fairground ride. The dizzy rhythms are intoxicating and you can't help but be drawn in. A real winner.

Eugene McGuinness - The Crueler Kind
One of the better songs from an otherwise underwhelming album. Taking tips from pal Miles Kane, 'The Crueler Kind' has that retro 60s vibe that seems a safe bet for many artists unable or unwilling to forge a sound of their own. But hey! if you got to steal, steal from the best.

Chrissie Hynde - Down The Wrong Way
Rock chick extraordinaire Chrissie Hynde returns with a cracking tune. With mate Neil Young on guitar, 'Down The Wrong Way' really shows off Hynde's distinctive spark-plug vocals and cooler than cool attitude. The queen is back.

Moksha Medicine - Spindle Thief
I am always a bit wary when it comes to doing the weekly singles reviews, bracing myself for the inevitable slush I'll have to wade through. Yet occasionally you stumble upon the unexpected that really makes your head spin. 'Spindle Thief' from London performer Moksha Medicine is a real winner. Dramatic, bold and with a super cool crunchy guitar riff, bet it sounds massive live. Love it to bits.

Sykes - Anyone Out There
This song is fairly meh. Inoffensive perhaps, but it seems to blow past you like a cool breeze, and the whiny girly vocals grate after a while. Close but no cigar.

Joel Compass - Girlfriends
This is awful. R&B/pop pap that is dull and pointless. Your hand will be reaching for the stop button before you know what's happening. NEXT!

Marnie - Wolves
Lovely slice of pop from Helen Marnie, aka Marnie. Normally this sort of breezy techno-pop isn't my thang but she does it well, and her lovely voice and the endearing melody works well.

And the winner is...

No contest.

Hozier - Take Me To Church
Exquisite song from Irish musician Hozier. I am left pretty speechless at attempting to convey with the mundane use of words the poetry and beauty of this song. Its simple yet effective arrangements allow the gorgeous vocals to shine through. A stunning piece of art. Listen!

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