Jaws - Be Slowly

The 2014's contribution to the 'next British guitar band' has been relatively quiet. After a Midlands-dominated 2013 (Peace and Swim Deep made some progress), the UK’s second city is back and throwing Jaws into the mix as wave two of the 90s baggy revival. With a standard four piece set-up, their debut Be Slowly arrives on the back of two EPs, Radio 1 airplay and slap bang in the middle of another wildly successful UK tour. You might even feel a sense of familiarity in some of their tracks, finding a place as the background music to some prominent UK TV shows.

And that really is the issue. It’s all a bit workmanlike rather than thrilling. The first half is taken up with mildly vacuous indie pop (the reverb-drenched vocals of ‘Cameron’ and the effects laden guitars on ‘Gold’). Though it’s not a disaster by any means, the latter tracks do improve on that; there’s the carefree happiness of ‘Think Too Much, Feel Too Little’ and the grinding noise of the aptly titled ‘Filth'. A crowded field awaits the band though and whilst filling air time on Made In Chelsea might be the height of ambition for some, there are signs here that Jaws should be aiming somewhat higher.



out of 10

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