Client - Authority

The new Client record is unlikely to prove authoritative if you're not a fan of '80s pop music. However, anyone familiar with Client's previous form will already be well aware that this is one act heavily indebted to the era's synthpop style - and Authority does not represent anything resembling a change. Minus founding member Sarah Blackwood, remaining Client A Katie Holmes and new member Nicole Thomas continue Client's girl power reconfiguration of a decade's defining sound.

In 2014, sadly Authority is a little too '80s. Lead single 'You Can Dance' and the company it keeps are perfectly fine retools of the hits they're inspired by; however, why not just dig out the original records and play those? The best moments here are those that inject some warmth into the glassy pop (the title track, the anthemic 'Faith') and those that go the Depeche Mode route by embracing an underlying menace, such as the discordant 'Quarantine' and 'Design' which is the girls' own riff on 'Personal Jesus'. On 'XXX Action' though, when the vocal demands "action" all I could think was how I wanted to listen to 'Love Action' instead - and it's not the only instance where a return to The Human League's discography is preferable.



out of 10

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