Singles of the Week: 3rd August 2014

Crystal Fighters - ‘Love Alight’
The feel good song of the summer. As invigorating and enjoyable as a fun day at the beach, this quirky little tune will be the highlight of your party mixtape.

Red Sky - ‘Lay Down Your Love’
Made up of husband and wife duo Ally McErlaine (best known as the guitarist in Texas), Shelly Poole (Alisha’s Attic) as well as former model Charity Hair, ‘Lay Down Your Love’ is a so-so country-tinged song with the requisite jangly guitars and twangy vocals. Alright for what it is but nothing to write home about.

Spies - 'Moosehead'
Lovely little indie tune, there is something of the 80's New Wave element yet still feels very now, no mean trick. Hypnotic, atmospheric, shimmering and beautiful.

The New Union - 'Believe In Nothing'
Decent, if somewhat tedious, play-by-the-rules rock number that doesn't really grab your attention for very long. It is what it is, nothing more, nothing less.

Gum Takes Tooth - 'Buried Fires'
Listening to this song, all pretentious primitive percussion and moaning vocals, feels like being punished by God. Avoid, unless going under the dentist's drill is your idea of fun.

Jessie Ware - 'Tough Love'
This songs feels incomplete somehow. The breathy Kate Bush-esque vocals, the polished production and tasteful use of synths in the backdrop, yet it doesn't feel whole. There is a key element missing to make it truly epic and remarkable. Instead it just feels ordinary, another pretty tune on the radio that you will forget almost instantly.

And the winner is....

No contest.

Wild Beasts - 'Mecca'
Love lovely song from the wonderfully weird Wild Beasts. One of the highlights from their excellent album Present Tense, 'Mecca' showcases Hayden Thorpe's exquisite vocals and the band's remarkable songwriting skills. Stunning.

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