Yes - Heaven & Earth

A terrible album is much harder to bear when it is one of your oldest heroes responsible, and I have taken Heaven & Earth particularly badly. Yes have been around long enough to have had many ups and downs, but few lower than this latest offering. Many fans have already laid into it for not having Jon Anderson on board - with Jon Davison from a tribute band filling the void – but this is Yes we are talking about after all. Of course we are going to have a new lineup! In fact, Davison's vocals are very good, and almost indistinguishable from Anderson if you don't pay too close attention.

The simple fact is the songs on Heaven & Earth are painfully dull and lifeless. Guitarist Steve Howe appears flat out of ideas and barely raises his head all record long, whilst Geoff Downes still thinks he's in the 1980s with some horrifyingly bleepy keyboard sounds ruining everything. It is made all the more infuriating as occasionally Yes will leap into some invigorating instrumental break, only to fall back out into a cheesy chorus a mere thirty seconds later. This is neither progressive nor rock - simply a bitter disappointment.



out of 10

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Tags prog, rock, yes
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