Birdeatsbaby - The Bullet Within

Treading similar theatrical music avenues as TMF favourites Katzenjammer, Brighton's Birdeatsbaby aren't your everyday band (in case the name didn't give it away already). The Bullet Within, their third album of dark cabaret, may not consistently hit the target but you'd be hard pushed to label any of it boring. Production is rich and full-bodied, providing an able background to Mishkin Fitzgerald's characteristic vocals which manage to make the often-twisted lyrics sound oddly soothing.

Opener 'The Bullet' sets out the stall admirably by showcasing the band's flair for dramatic beats, which crop up frequently throughout on the likes of 'Tenterhooks' and album standout 'Hands Of Orlac', based on the silent 1920s horror film. A mid-album combo of brief numbers are superfluous, but they're offset by welcome guest appearances from Melora Craeger and Gabby Young on 'Into The Black' and 'Spiders', respectively. It isn't all perfect - 'Enemies Like Me' is overlong with a meandering finale - but if you're feeling adventurous and after something a bit different, then set your sights on Birdeatsbaby.



out of 10

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