Singles Round-up: 23rd June 2014

Dry your eyes, mate. It's just men kicking a ball about, after all.

Let music be your salvation. Come with us on an incredible journey to find out who will be this week's Tim Cahill. Or, indeed Steven Gerrard.

Poor Sam Airey, putting a single out when I've got a face like Rooney when he saw the team sheet and realised he was playing on the left. Young man with guitar does his thing, then it kind of freaks out at the end, a la Coldplay live. I'd rather be punched in the throat by Michael Fabricant, tbh. Another Sam, Sam Brookes, is cut from the same cloth: the kind of guys you'd be happy for your sister to marry, but you'd sit on the neck of his acoustic guitar if given half a chance. (There's no embed option on his Soundcloud 'This Is The Place' stream, so you'll just have to take my word for it.)

'Shot In The Dark' will please fans of The Magic Numbers, although wider commercial interest has dropped off since 2005's debut. It's smart enough, although about surprising as sunburn on the neck of a plasterer from Basildon after a day on a Rio beach. Dermot O'Leary is undoubtedly booking them for a session even as we speak. Meanwhile, The Kooks are back with a NSFW video that features Moxie from Auf Wiedershen, Pet. So far, so Costa Rica. Sadly, the rest of the video (with its entirely forgettable, testicle-free middle class indie funk soundtrack) is the kind of pretentious cock you get from a major label with too much money to spend. Music industry poverty? Pah.

The Subways mark the tenth anniversary of their first Glastonbury appearance with 'My Heart Is Pumping To A Brand New Beat'. Ten years, eh? That's longer than The Beatles were a functioning studio band. That's the kind of shit that I think about. I wonder if bands think about that kind of stuff? Cute video. Life's 'Take Off With You' sounds pretty cheap but sounds a lot like a minor 90s indie disco regular. Get Dermot on the phone! If he's not free, try Steve Lamacq!

Single of the Week

The Irish - they never let you down. Except for all the times they do. Nevertheless, let's raise a pint of snakebite to Dublin's Princess whose galloping 'Neverlook' will invoke all kinds of acid flashbacks for those of a certain age. Meeting at the crossroads where up-tempo goth bumps chests with shoegaze, Princess are safely out of the first round, with an eye on quarter final glory.

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