Singles of the Week - 16th June 2014

An incredibly mediocre selection of singles this week Apparently mid-June is the time to release your tosh. There are a few decent ones in this week's selection, but we'll kick off with the worst first shall we?

Some people say punk’s not dead but based on the latest number from The Exhausts it may as well be. The composition of the track just feels silly, and feels like a three middle class boys trying to rebel against their privilege - and failing massively.

An underwhelming effort from Rouge. A bluesy number but the production is awful and the singer’s voice just doesn’t match up to the key of the music. It sounds like a group of teenagers who’ve never played instruments before trying to perform. A shame really as it starts off rather promisingly.

If this is anything to go by, The Gromble don’t have much going for them. A Coldplay-esque number (not even good Coldplay!) which just seems directionless throughout.

Why is there so much bad guitar music out there at the moment? Who knows? But we're moving into the decent ones now. (Not very decent though.)

A 60s throwback from Jeremy Neale this week, with a melody that doesn’t quite match up to the standards set by Lennon & McCartney but is worth a listen at the least. Enjoyable enough yet still lacking.

A hypnotic guitar line strums through the newest single from Jinnwoo, with Marcus Mumford-esqe vocals complimenting the riff. This doesn’t really lead to anything spectacular, but it’s not bad either. Middling effort.

Then again, it seems dance isn't doing much better this week either with Gorgon City’s latest single. It feels like an attempt at recapturing an early 90s dance vibe - which fails - leaving the song sounding rather soulless unfortunately. The entire thing just feels stagnant and stale.

But at least we're into the good part of this week's singles! Huzzah! Hip hip hooray!

Joan As Police Woman’s new single isn’t going to set the world on fire, but will satisfy those already familiar with her work. A quirky melody with a soulful chorus gets to work and Joan’s vocals are allowed to soar leading to a relatively satisfying listen to say.

Coming up next, we have a theatrical effort from Malachai, with a very musical-like quality. It wouldn’t sound out of place in a dystopian musical set in the future, but even in the present it sounds fantastic. With vocals resembling those of Robert Plant, and a low sexy guitar hook this just entices the listener in.

And finally, taking this week's coveted metaphorical crown (we're considering having a physical crown made), is I Am A Camera. They deliver here with a synth-heavy track with a strong drum beat throughout, with the female vocals taking the forefront but not so much that the synth loses out in the production point. The bridge before the final chorus takes things down before exploding right back from where it left off.

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