Klaxons - Love Frequency

They’re terrible now, aren't they? Fat, uninterested, coasting? Once the future of British music, they’re now firmly past it, right? Well, hold your horses. Maybe, just maybe, Klaxons aren’t quite as far gone as you’ve been led to believe. Following up their Mercury-nominated, techno influenced debut with an album of more old-fashioned guitar music was one thing, but disappearing for four years and underwhelming on a short comeback tour has lowered expectations. This third record, Love Frequency, is the unofficial close of a trilogy, the present to their future and past albums. But is it actually the sound of now?

Not really. They seem tuned into nineties dance radio: the rumbling, thumping dance beats of ‘A New Reality’; the passable, if catchy ‘There Is no Other Time’; ‘Show Me a Miracle’ and its slowed down groove, all sound like something old, stale even, not fresh and current. You may think you've stumbled across a Jesus Jones comeback. About halfway through it all starts to meld into one long track. ‘Invisible Forces’, ‘Rhythm Of Life’, ‘Liquid Light’, indistinguishable and one paced. Realisation time: this isn’t the band we hoped or expected them to be. The final siren has sounded - now go stick Myths Of The Near Future on and remember what was promised.



out of 10

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