Parquet Courts - Sunbathing Animal

After 2013’s impressive Light Up Gold, it’s somewhat of a surprise to see Parquet Courts back so soon, barely allowing themselves a moment to bask in the positive critical glow that album received. That boost perhaps didn't translate into the sales (or indeed the raised profile) the band might have hoped for, yet it hasn't dissuaded the Brooklyn rockers from getting back into the studio and pulling together a second proper full-length release.

In many ways the swift turnaround can be heard in the finished music. It’s rough and ramshackle; Sunbathing Animal is laid back rock of the mixed up kind. Mainly picking over the remnants of punk, the title track is a prime example of the basic production that takes its cue from late 70s bands, while also giving big nods to Pixies. In fact, Black Francis has heard ‘Duckin’ and Dodgin’ and he wants to come round for a quiet word. The simple guitar chords at times sound like early Young Knives, the more angular indie tracks recalling Gang Of Four. Andrew Savage’s vocals are a mix of shouting, talking, and singing and - oddly - bring to mind Shaun Ryder in his Black Grape period. Pretty much a companion piece to Light Up Gold, Sunbathing Animal continues laying the foundations for a more than decent band, but you hope Parquet Courts will take their own advice, stretch out a little and just chill.



out of 10

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