Comanechi - Naked/ I Knew

If this doesn’t move you, you’re already dead. We’ve screamed about Comanechi on this site before but too much can never be enough when dealing with this utterly bonkers two-piece from hell. There’s just something about them; maybe its just the passion, maybe its just their attitude but whatever it is, it works.

Naked, the charming ditty about the joys of, well, nudity and washing with toothbrushes never sounded better than on here. Mixed by Lenny Franchi, who has also worked with My Bloody Valentine and Bjork, has certainly captured, but not tamed, the insanity they display in their live shows. It’s thick, skuzzy and bowel loosening. Akiko’s haunting yelps are thick in the centre of the mix. ‘I knew’ just sounds evil – it’s riff never leaping as much as it could, simply circling around while the vocal just sits there.

‘I Feel Fantastic’ is simply a noise workout, a slightly weaker track despite some good screaming but the real surprise, and gem, is the remix of ‘Rude’ which gives Comanechi a whole new dance twist. It’s aggressive, wild and absolutely brilliant. Please listen to this band. You’ll love them. Listen to them here



out of 10

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