We Were Evergreen - Towards

Indie pop is a term generally used when pop songs don’t quite fit into the mainstream consciousness, and it’s a term I hate. However, it’s the only one applicable with French trio We Were Evergreen. The new album Towards is an interesting listen to say the least, but is let down on a number of fronts. The production often feels stale, and the thread of quirkiness seems forced (especially on single ‘False Start’).

Akin to a more electro Two Door Cinema Club or Vampire Weekend, there are moments where it feels like the album could suddenly become ablaze with genius, but these are unfortunately short lived. ‘Daughters’ has a brilliant, rhythmically enchanting looping piano, but then the following track ‘Quicksand’ feels so boring and bland that it genuinely lets the entire record down. The album is dogged by the fact that it seems like the band are desperately trying to be quirky, even throwing in a ukulele at points. Unfortunately, these elements don’t come together into a satisfying whole. Perhaps next time they could benefit with the use of a different producer or someone to keep them on the straight and narrow.



out of 10

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