Singles Round Up: 12th May 2014

Once again, for the listeners' pleasure I have mercilessly trawled through the wheat and the chaff looking for a needle in the haystack of 'good song'. Luckily, there's quite a few this week, so shall we get started?

South London rapper Kate Tempest is obviously keen to show off her chops and cross over into the mainstream, but 'The Beigeness' is as bland as the title suggests. Monotonous is not a word we like to throw around, but this defines it. And what kind of title is 'The Beigeness' anyway? It's not even a proper word!

An underwhelming effort from Spring Offensive. The lukewarm production leaves the vocals feeling dull and the instruments feeling static. It’s a shame really because there's a decent song hidden here. It's always a shame when the production holds back a track, isn't it?

A folky effort from Mr Nick Mulvey, with the simplistic guitar taking a backseat whilst the sounds of the drums work in harmony with the strings to deliver an enchanting listen, especially for a rainy British summer afternoon. I'm not quite sure I get the current fixation with folky 'alt-pop' but at least Mr Mulvey is doing something considered with it.

Moving on, you can tell what time of year it is purely by the singles being released. Who wants a depressing ballad when you can have a big fun super dance anthem in the summer?! A huge 80s Whitney Houston vibe from the latest effort from Rita Ora, with a pre-chorus hook most singers would kill for. The production goes a long way here, allowing the music to shine when required and, even more importantly, allowing the vocals to explode in the ears whenever needed.

Another entry into the guitarist/drummer set-up in the form of Honeyblood. A summery track with a killer hook running throughout the song, this shows a lot of promise.

And, ever so naturally, we come to the end. Taking the coveted single of the week title, and perhaps appropriately considering her obsession with royals... it's TMF favourite Lorde

A million and one journalists have gushed about Lorde since she appeared on the international radar almost a year ago - and rightly so. ‘Tennis Court’ combines simplistic synths and electronic drums with a simmering bass line running throughout the chorus. A sure fire hit in the form of this re-release.

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