Beyond The Redshift Festival preview

On May 10th we will be treated to the inaugural Beyond The Redshift festival, curated and headlined by the Swedish masters of crushing atmospherics Cult Of Luna. With 23 bands across three venues in North London, there is an almost overwhelming amount of fantastic music to witness, but how the hell do you decide just who you should go to see? Well, here are five acts I certainly hope to catch, and exactly why I believe they should not be missed.

Dirk Serries

Belgian drone artist extraordinaire Dirk Serries is finally venturing over the Channel to treat us to his Microphonics project. A blissful trip of dreamlike loops, conjured by just one man and his guitar, the soundscapes are beautifully mesmerising and hypnotic. The uniqueness and rarity of Dirk's appearance makes this my number one "must see".


Quite simply one of the heaviest bands I have ever seen live, Amenra are a force that have to be experienced at least once. Taking the violence and bile of hardcore but slowing it all right down to a glacial pace, they create monolithic slabs of devastating aural destruction.


Jesu have been hit-and-miss both live and on record over the lifetime of the venture, but they always have the potential to be that seminal “were you there?” moment. And with a back catalogue that has such strength and depth, built upon the very same basis as Godflesh, it would be daft to miss out.


Aussie? Post-rock? I can see the eyes rolling from here – but don’t be too quick to judge! Anyone who caught sleepmakeswaves supporting 65 Days Of Static last year will attest to the stunning live show these guys can put on. Sweeping instrumentals that soar are the order of the day, and delivered with such aplomb that you cannot help but be left inspired.


Acting as a prelude to the behemoth of his primary band, Mathieu Vandekerckhove will open proceedings with the lush, sparse drones of Syndrome. Toying with melody and song structures, they are drawn out and warped with startling yet relaxing results – the calm before the impending storm...

Beyond The Redshift takes place on Saturday 10th May at The Forum, The Dome & Boston Music Room. Tickets can be purchased from Ticketmaster.

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