Eat To The Beat: Inspiral Carpets

Having recently signed to Cherry Red Records, Inspiral Carpets have been busy prepping new material and a reissue of their Dung 4 demo tape from December 1987, the latter of which gets a vinyl release on Record Store Day. Originally re-issued on tape in 1989 to combat bootleggers, the release went on to sell 8000 copies - testament both to the band's popularity at the time and the heady days of physical product.

The 2014 version of the eleven track recording also comes with a four track 7" of their May 1987 Cow. A CD compiling all 15 tracks will be available on the 28th April and a new, self-titled album is scheduled for September.

To mark the band's revived activity, we pulled vocalist Stephen Holt away from doing the dishes to talk about our other favourite subject - food - for another entry in our tasty Eat To The Beat series.

What's the worst thing you've ever been presented with to eat on tour?

Graham does a trick where he gets a plate of salad on a paper plate and puts his ‘special sausage’ (chipolata!) through the bottom of the plate on to the salad and offers it around! Hmmmmm, no thanks!

The other worst thing would be when we were playing some gigs in Greece and Martyn decided to fill his bed with cheese. It wasn’t very appetizing the next day!

Any special rider requests?

For me and Graham it would be anything vegetarian. 'Bird food and cardboard' the rest of the band call it! The rest are like Velociraptors - give them loads of flesh!

We also need the ingredients for our special, heavily alcohol based ‘gig juice’! Tunnocks Tea Cakes are also a big favourite.

It's a Tuesday morning, 1.00am. What's your default motorway service station purchase?

As we get a pretty decent rider and are looked after really well by the venues food and drink wise, we’d probably opt for unhealthy, snack based products to eat whilst watching DVDs or listening to tunes on the ‘party bus’.

Munchies! The fridge is empty! Big up the local takeaway or restaurant that saves the day!

For me it would be a great local vegetarian Indian café we go to loads of the time. There’s also a great takeaway near where we record that does the best kebabs I’ve ever tasted!

What would be on the ultimate Inspiral Carpets sandwich?

It would have to be a split sandwich with Haloumi and salad on one side and then loads of meat on the other. We’d have to devise some way of ensuring there was no cross contamination though! A sandwich splitter.

Pepsi or Shirley?

Which was which? Their music used to distract me from wanting to look at them.

We're coming round for a romantic (hopefully!) meal. What are you rustling up for us?

If we all cooked a piece of the meal with our specialism it would go something like this:

Stephen – Vegetable tempura
Graham – Yorkshire puddings
Martyn – Chilli con carne
Clint – Mexican fajitas
Craig – Thai green curry

A bit of a weird mix sorry and probably not very romantic seeing your guest throwing up!

What are the rest of the band like at cooking? What's their speciality?

The above items with varying degrees of success!

Favourite food­ related song?

'Toast' or 'Beat It'.

Our shout. Red? White? Fizzy lager? Buckfast?

Red, as long as it’s wine and not football!

For all the latest Inspiral Carpets news, visit their official website.

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