Klaxons - Ruby Lounge, Manchester

It’s been four years since Klaxons’ last album Surfing The Void, and even longer since anyone gave them much commercial attention. Manchester, though, is clearly of the opinion that New Rave is still 'a thing' - hence tonight's sold out Ruby Lounge.

With a new drummer on board, they bound onto the stage in garb that can only be described as tin-foil like. It suggests they've been spending too much time in the kitchen, because even during opener 'Atlantis To Interzone', lead singer Jamie Reynolds sounds a bit rough and they have to stop for a breather a few songs in. Reynolds jokes about needing a tea break and takes orders from the audience but it's clear whatever they've been doing lately, it didn't involve visits to the gym.

New album Love Frequency won't land until June, so they rely on the hits from their debut to keep the crowd going. The kids are nothing if not enthusiastic. New songs seem gentler, dependent on synth melodies for the hooks rather than heavy guitar riffs and sampling.

They finish, rather unusually, with another new track, ‘Rhythm of Life’, but return to the stage almost immediately. As a chant of ‘Manchester na na na’ begins, Klaxons cheerily join in stating that this is the 'best gig of their tour so far'. Aww, I bet they say that to all the boys and girls. They restart ‘New Reality’ twice due to keyboardist James Righton’s ensuing fit of laughter.

Ending with 2007 single ‘It’s Not Over Yet’, Klaxons prove that the party really isn’t quite done - although they'll need to get on the treadmill if they really are in it for the longer haul.

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