Singles Round Up: 6th April 2014

My first week with the new format and barely a single folk/roots/blues/country act to be seen. What?!!??!

Anyhow we’re going old school this week with a top ten countdown, just like when you used to tape Mark Goodier on the Top 40 chart on a Sunday on a portable cassette player. OK, anyone under 25 bear with us, most of this music is for you. Run VT...

The only relatively folky act here, at number 10 it's... Johnny Flynn's 'Bottom Of The Sea Blues'.

Despite being in my area of enjoyment I've never warmed to Johnny Flynn and his newest single doesn't do anything to change that. It's just OK, and with so many artists of this ilk around these days that's just not enough. Mid-table folk-pop.

At number 9 it's... Night Flowers and 'Bound'.

Night Flowers - Bound from Night Flowers on Vimeo.

This London-based indie band have joined the 80s revival with this lead track from their debut EP. It’s spacey, guitary, melody-y, and not at all bad. If only more indie bands could write a decent tune the landfills might empty out a tad.

Dropping itself at number 8 is... Daniel Carlson with 'Eko'.

There’s a definite retro feel to this track, like a lost child of the flower power days of the early seventies. Though you can’t nail down who it sounds like it’s got the vibe of someone who has smoked a lot of weed. Trippy and spacey.

With no video (too scary for the kids probably), at number 7 it's... Kerretta and the fabulously titled 'His Streets Of Honey, Her Mouth Of Gold'.

This was the most worrying of this week’s selection, coming as it did from our resident death metal man. An instrumental, it’s a mix of crashing drums and cymbals, with some neat guitar work. Not too noisy and more tuneful than feared. And actually it’s good. Really good.

All the way from Oxford, at number 6 it's... Candy Says and 'Not Kings' from the forthcoming album of the same name.

Lo-fi pop? Well, it’s certainly stripped back and basic. They come from down the road which makes me want to like it. Luckily it’s a totally catchy piece of chilled out pop with good use of vocal overdubs.

Scraping in to the top 5, at number 5 it's... Scary People with 'Crush The Bug'.

The lead track from this Scots duo’s second EP, Chicago!, this heavy rock bass led track has definite shades of Queens Of The Stone Age. Despite its DIY production there’s a real quality to the musicianship on offer and points to excellent things ahead.

"Popping" in at number 4 is... Zella Day and 'Sweet Ophelia'.

Yeah, good stuff. Middle of the road pop, better than nearly all the really popular female singers but sadly won’t get near the official top ten. Such is the life of a potential pop star these days. She does sound a bit like Lorde, especially on the b-side ‘1965’, which can’t be a bad thing.

An old favourite at number 3... Icelandic electronic folker Asgeir with 'Going Home'.

Ah at last, someone almost folky. There’s much love for Asgeir here at TMF Towers and he includes a new song here, ‘Dreaming’, an off-kilter beat adds a post-dubstep feel to his usual keyboard and voice combo. The single is predictably on form: gentle, sweet, natural - much like his stylishly disheveled look.

Straight in at number 2, a surprise even to me, it's... legendary DJ Shinichi Osawa and the nightclub friendly 'Breaking Through The Night'.

Now dance isn’t my specialty but this is blooming marvelous. A strong beat and the sound of lots of knobs being tweaked and buttons being pressed. Kinda crazy but this would wake up Grimmy’s listeners. My head hasn’t nodded like this since 1998.

And crashing in at the top of the charts is this week's Single Of The Week... School Of Language with 'Between The Suburbs'.

Oooh, like this. Something different. It’s not just some lads playing guitars and drums, or some girls harmonising over noise-pop, or a bloke and his guitar. What is it? Well, good question. David Brewis from Field Music has made a cracking electronic pop dance EP; no real hooks but a corking melody on the lead track, and some funk on ‘Keep Your Water’.

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