Temples - Sun Structures

Sun Structures is like looking through a kaleidoscope on a hot summer's day. The world is in soft focus, hazy and dream-like. Are you in a scene from Hair? In all probability. The soundtrack is Temples and their homage to late 60s, early 70s psychedelic rock is neither pastiche nor parody. No mean trick.

Largely self-produced by frontman James Bagshaw, the brightly coloured pop tunes shimmer and shimmy through the speakers. The classic references will begin to roll off your tongue as the songs flit by: Donovan, The Byrds, early Pink Floyd. The songs twirl by like a Pucci catwalk show; the jingly-jangly guitar intro to 'Shelter Song', the sinuous bass and drum rhythms of the title track, the craftsmanship is remarkable.

And it's fun! Bagshaw is vocally confident, the layers of guitars and synths manipulated for maximum aural effect. The beautiful pop of bubbly debut single 'Mesmerise' dazzles like a sunrise, and check out the beguiling Middle Eastern influence of the enigmatic 'Sand Dance' with its 'Kashmir'-esque denouement. While songs such as 'Move With The Seasons' and the fey 'Fragment's Life' float by like wisps of cloud, the feather boa sexiness of the T-Rex inspired 'Keep In The Dark' struts like prime Bolan on Top of the Pops.

The danger of being too closely associated with a certain era or genre is that without keeping the music fresh and interesting, you run the risk of novelty act status (cf. The Darkness). Whether Temples will be able to sustain this initial flash remains to be seen. In the meantime, just bask in its glory and savour these delights. Dream on.



out of 10

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