Keel Her

Best coast is the south coast? Certainly, Brighton's Rose Keeler-Schaffeler's lo-fi indie pop shares an unpretentious fondness for melody with Beth Consentino, yet there's more of a Helen Love or Kathleen Hanna's original Julie Ruin vibe to her home recording project, Keel Her. Lo-fi king R. Stevie Moore pops up on 'I'd Be Your Slave', but otherwise this is the product of an artist content to simply pursue her own muse wherever it takes her.

The hazy dream pop of '(I Hate It) When You Look At Me', the punkier 'Riot Grrrl' and kooky charms of 'Only Geeks Come Bearing GIFs' stand out, but overall, there's a pleasing willingness not to get too ensnared in the limitations of the recording process or simply re-tread the work of other, similar acts. The tropical Phil Spector-isms of 'Pussywhipped' are another highlight. At 18 tracks and nearly 45 minutes, Keel Her perhaps outstays its welcome, but you imagine RK-S cares not a jot; she's got an 8-track - and she's gonna use it.



out of 10

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