Vulkano - Live Wild Die Free

If you're expecting swooning Swedish pop, then stop right there: sure, Vulkano's Cissi Efraimsson and Lisa Pyk-Wirström may have formed their new act in the wake of their former outfit Those Dancing Days, but they're not picking up where that band's poppy melodies and gloriously catchy choruses left off. Nope, this is a different beast entirely with the girls' seeming frustration with prior predilections fed through a post-punk, post-Pussy Riot riot of grrrl power noise. If you're anything like me, you'll appreciate their commitment to this new direction but will be left longing for those simpler - and more tuneful - dancing days.

Live Wild Die Free is not without merit, no-frills opening statement 'Trolls' setting up the admirable racket that follows. Prepare for crashing drums, urgent guitar lines and Siouxsie-inspired attitude, which add up to an authentic approach to the genre but don't make the tropes any more fresh. The new-wave undercurrents provided by Pyk-Wirström's keys on the likes of 'Vulkano' and lead single 'Vision Tricks' make you wish they'd followed this route, as these tracks show more promise and replay value. However, the album as a whole is a fun ride while it lasts, brash and bolshy and brief, but is only likely to appeal long-term to enthusiasts of the sub-genre.



out of 10

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