Plastikman - Closer

Plastikman’s new album Closer is an ambient soundscape crawling through a futuristic techno-age. It’s not so much an album as a textural layering slowly downloading into the back of one’s own brain. It possesses a sinister, possibly mental (actually definitely mental) foray into the neural network using electronica as a vehicle.

Plastikman’s real-life alter ego is groundbreaking minimalist DJ Richie Hawtin, and he himself revels in abstract musical samples as if he were an icy two-dimensional artist dabbling in postmodernism. Cracks, sizzles, static and occasional loops are interspersed throughout the so-called tracks, and the occasional distorted vocal from Hawtin himself, which makes this record so unique, can be noticed on occasion.

Closer is essentially critic-proof, since the fanbase of minimalist techno that this appeals to will buy it and like it no matter how indecipherable to review us hacks deem it to be. Whilst not as accessible as something as Boards Of Canada’s Geogaddi or Aphex Twins Drukqs, it still has a purpose in some neo-noir soundtrack nightmare. Sadly, we are one hundred or so years before our time to appreciate it, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hit the targets it strives to achieve, and on this rare occasion, that is all we can really assess it by.



out of 10

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