Dogs - Turn Against This Land

What a miserable little album this is. From the opening cliché-riddled bars onwards everything about them screams monotony. Ignore any hype you might have read elsewhere, this is simply a pub rock band made good for fifteen minutes. Christ, you’d hope they’re going to make the most of it though you suspect they probably won’t. They’ll piss their money against the wall, see if they don’t.

Anyway, what you get if you’re foolish enough to purchase this album is a collection of songs that any old pub band could have recorded. It’s safe, bland and a flat production ensures that any life they might display live has been sucked dry from it. From the bland chants of ‘What a wanker’ (ooh, naughty boys) from ‘End of an Era’ to the rest of the sorry mess, you might gleam some enjoyment from this if your prepared to forgive the obvious rip-offs from the obvious bands (Pistols et al) and try and pretend the last 20 years simply didn’t happen.

This is a classic example of a band signed on the strength of the current vogue of guitar bands. They’re bland enough to possibly appeal to the mainstream without offering anything too challenging. Simple chords which vary little from song to song and the same, grating voice throughout. Ugh, it’s simply too awful to bear. Listening to the album is a chore at best.



out of 10

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